Snapdragon Stadium is located in San Diego, CA

2101 Stadium Way
San Diego, CA 92108 

Parking Information

Pre-Purchase Parking

Accessible Parking


Snapdragon Stadium parking lots have paid ADA parking stalls available on a first come first serve basis.  The Green Lot—located directly to the north of Snapdragon Stadium—is the primary parking location for accessible parking.   

  • Vehicles parked in ADA parking stalls must follow all regulations as specified within the California Vehicle Code. 
  • Vehicles parking in an ADA parking stall must display a valid ADA Placard and must possess a valid parking pass or pay the parking fee at the entrance. 
  • Snapdragon Stadium will offer a courtesy shuttle for selected events. This courtesy shuttle is intended to assist those with mobility impairments and will operate between the designated pick-up and drop-off locations only.  
  • View & Download Accessible Shuttle Route Map
  • Guests using rideshare services, taxis, limos, buses and shuttles can be dropped off and picked up on Mission Village Drive just north of Jacaranda Street. (Please reference Parking Map)

Bicycle Parking

  • Snapdragon Stadium encourages guests attending events to take alternate modes of transportation. Snapdragon Stadium has bike racks located at the Northwest Gate, Northeast Gate, and along the east side of the stadium.
  • Be sure to bring your own lock to secure your bicycle. 
  • Unattended bicycles that impede pedestrian or vehicular circulation are subject to removal and/or relocation.  
  • Please note that Snapdragon Stadium and SDSU do not allow the use of micromobility services such as Bird or Lime.


Overflow Parking

 Overflow parking for Snapdragon Stadium events is generally available in two locations:

  • SDSU Main Campus parking is available in structures P3 & P4 (Park & Ride Trolley). All parking is paid for through the PaybyPhone mobile app using location code 28503 for P3 and 28504 for P4. Parking is $3 per hour and does not include trolley fare.
  • Designated Trolley Park and Ride Lots. Visit for more information.

*Please note: There is no stadium event parking allowed at Fenton Marketplace or any nearby shopping and business centers.


Oversize Vehicle Parking

  • Oversize vehicles are defined as Recreation Vehicles (RV), Limousines, Shuttles, Buses, motorcoaches, or any motor vehicle that resembles the aforementioned vehicle descriptions. Oversize vehicle parking is located in the Orange Lot only and a parking pass is required; vehicles without a pass will not be admitted. The Orange Lot is the only lot able to accommodate oversized vehicles at Snapdragon Stadium.  
  • Limited bus parking is available and will be determined per event. Buses should enter through Gate 1 and follow the directions of traffic controllers.  

Parking Lot Hours

  • For SDSU Football events parking lots will open five (5) hours prior to kick off.  Lot opening times may vary for other events. 
  • Snapdragon Stadium lots will generally close 1 hour after the end of the event. 
  • Overnight parking or storage of equipment by guests in parking lots is not permitted. Any vehicles left overnight are subject to tow at the owner's expense. 
  • Snapdragon Stadium or its agents shall not be responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of/to vehicle or any other article left in Snapdragon Stadium-affiliated parking lots. Vehicles are parked at owners’ risk. 

Parking Map



  • Event Parking/Standard Parking/GA Parking permits are valid at either Orange Lot or Yellow Lot (subject to availability)

Parking Policies

It is important that you follow directions for your parking lot, as each parking lot has a specific entry route.  For example, a Yellow Lot parking pass cannot enter through an Orange Lot entry point. 

Read all information within your parking pass for the most up-to-date rules and regulations for parking at Snapdragon Stadium. 

Please have parking passes displayed on your mobile device and ready to be scanned upon arrival at the parking lot. 

Duplicate parking passes will not be accepted.

All guests must be in possession of a valid parking pass to park in a designated parking lot. 

Guests will be directed to their parking location by ACE Parking personnel. Reserving spaces is NOT permitted. 

The parking pass allows for one space per vehicle only 

Parking prices may differ by event and by parking lot. 

Drive-up parking (i.e. those without pre-paid parking passes) may be available but limited and may cost more than pre-paid parking passes. We strongly encourage guests to purchase a parking pass prior to the event or use alternate forms of transportation. 

Refunds will not be made for lost, stolen, or unused parking passes. A refund or credit will be made only for event cancellations. 

Snapdragon Stadium or its agents shall not be responsible for fire, theft, damage, or loss of/to vehicle or any other article left in Snapdragon Stadium-affiliated parking lots. Vehicles are parked at owners’ risk. 

*Please note: There is no stadium event parking allowed at Fenton Marketplace or any nearby shopping and business centers.

Parking Prices and Payments

  • Parking prices will vary based on each event. Parking prices will often be announced when the event goes on sale. 
  • Snapdragon Stadium and its surrounding parking lots are cashless.  Lots will only accept credit card payments at the parking entrances. Event day parking sales are subject to space availability and may not be available on the day of events.  
  • Please note that onsite parking is limited, we recommend that you book a parking pass as soon as possible prior to the event to secure onsite parking.

SDSU Football

For SDSU Football events, onsite parking inventory is limited. If you do not have a parking pass you MUST use one of the following alternatives: 

  • Ride the Trolley: The Stadium Station on the Trolley’s Green Line is located a short walk from Snapdragon Stadium.  Park and Ride parking lots are located throughout the Trolley system. 
  • Rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc):  Rideshare drop-offs and pick-ups are welcome on Mission Village Drive, just north of Jacaranda Street.

For SDSU Football Events: Snapdragon Stadium parking lots will open 5 hours before kickoff. Entry gates open 2 hours prior to kickoff. Please plan on arriving early to limit traffic delays! 
Be Prepared and Plan Ahead: 

  • To streamline your gameday experience, download your parking pass prior to arriving at the stadium.
  • Review the parking map and follow the directions and arrival route shown for your specific parking lot. 
    • For Thrive Park/Yellow Lots: Enter at Gate 5 (Friars Road at River Park Road)
    • For Green Lot: Enter at Gate 1 (Mission Village Drive).
    • For Purple Lot: Enter at Gate 1 or Gate 2 (San Diego Mission Road).
    • For Orange Lot: Enter at Gate 1, Gate 2, or Gate 3 (Rancho Mission Road).
  • You must use the designated access route for your parking lot; if you arrive at another entry point you will be turned around and directed to your assigned lot entry. 
  • As you arrive, please have your parking pass ready on your phone. 

All guests MUST have a parking pass. If you do not have a parking pass you will be turned away and directed to offsite options. 

Transportation Information

Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Trolley Service

The Trolley’s Green Line provides direct, frequent service to the doorstep of Snapdragon Stadium. Trolley service runs every 15 minutes or better before and after most games and events times. Larger events may have even more frequent service. 

Steps to Buying a Trolley Fare:  

  1. Download the PRONTO app ahead of time (preferred) or visit a PRONTO Vending Machine on a Trolley platform
  2. Adults should load at least $5 on the PRONTO app or card
    • Pro Tip: Loading $5 will pay for two (2) one-way fares to get you to/from the event.
    • PRONTO cards at the vending machine are an additional $2 if you don’t already have one, no extra charge when using the app.)
    • Every person needs their own PRONTO app or card, you cannot buy fares for multiple people on the same app or card
  3. Before boarding, find a station validator (at each end of the platform) and scan the app or tap the PRONTO card.
    • After the event, validators are located on the ramps leading up to the Trolley station, and the station platforms. You must tap the card or scan the app before you leave the Stadium Station.

Visit for more details.


For additional event day travel information, read the MTS to Snapdragon Stadium guide.
•    Green Line – Service from Santee, El Cajon, La Mesa, SDSU, Mission Valley, Old Town or Downtown to the Stadium Station
•    UC San Diego Blue Line - Service from San Ysidro, Chula Vista, or National City in the South Bay, and Clairemont, La Jolla and UTC in North County to Old Town Transit Center, then transfer from Old Town to the Green Line to Stadium Station. 
•    Orange Line - Service from La Mesa, or Lemon Grove, or Encanto/southeastern San Diego to Grossmont Station, then transfer to the Green Line. 
•    Rapid 215: Service from City Heights, Hillcrest or Balboa Park to SDSU, then transfer to the Green Line to Stadium Station.

Family Promotions: 
Youth Opportunity Pass: All riders 18 & under are eligible for free transit rides with a Youth PRONTO card or app account! Learn more. 
Family Weekends: Every Saturday and Sunday, two children (12 and under) can ride Trolley for free with any paying adult (18 and over, no PRONTO card or app account necessary).

Park & Ride:
A number of Trolley and Rapid stations offer free parking. Visit to view a list of Park & Ride lots with travel times, or the MTS Park & Ride page. 


Green Line

  • Old Town Transit Center: 412 free parking spaces (15 minutes to stadium)
  • Morena/Linda Vista: 199 free parking spaces (13 minutes to stadium)
  • Grossmont Transit Center: 220 free parking spaces (17 minutes to stadium)
  • Amaya Drive: 236 free parking spaces (19 minutes to stadium)
  • El Cajon Transit Center: 469 free parking spots (23 minutes to stadium)


For full list of Park & Ride lots, please visit:


Rideshare drop-offs and pick-ups are welcome on Mission Village Drive, just north of Jacaranda Street (inside Gate 1).  For more details, please see our parking map

Tailgating Information

Alcohol Consumption

  • All alcohol consumption must cease 30 minutes following the scheduled start time of the event.  
  • No glass bottles or containers are allowed on the premises. All drinks shall be placed in plastic or other non-breakable cups or cans. 
  • Unauthorized sale of food or beverage items is prohibited. Fans are limited to bringing and preparing food for their family and friends only. Private catering companies that have not been provided written authorization by Snapdragon Stadium are strictly prohibited. 
  • No kegs are permitted.  
  • Patrons are prohibited from exiting the parking facility with any type of alcoholic beverage. 
  • Disorderly conduct is not permitted. 


  • Guests are required to park in spaces as directed by ACE Parking upon arrival; guests may not reserve additional spaces and must tailgate directly behind their vehicle. 
  • Guests that wish to park next to a family member or friend must arrive at the lot at the same time, and both vehicles must have the valid parking pass for the parking lot. “In and out” privileges for vehicles are also not permitted. 
  • Parking staff will be line-parking all vehicles. Guests are required to follow the direction of parking staff and park as directed. Failure to abide by parking staff instructions may result in immediate ejection from the premises. 
  • Oversized vehicles (defined as exceeding a size of 8.5 feet by 14 feet) are not allowed unless an RV parking pass was purchased. 

Prohibited Parking Lot Activities

  • No amplified sound systems are permitted (small ipod dock speakers are ok). Music being played must be suitable for a family friendly setting.  
  • No discharging, launching or throwing any aerial devices that could cause harm to patrons or vehicles. 
  • No fireworks. 
  • Smoking is prohibited per California State University regulations.
  • Small portable electric generators (600W or less) are allowed. Electrical cords cannot be placed across parking areas/drive aisles or in areas that would create a hazard for any guests. 
  • Non-licensed motorized vehicles are prohibited within parking lots, including but not limited to golf carts, Segway’s, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and hoverboards. 
  • Radio-controlled model aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, drones, and other similar devices are prohibited. Possession or operation of such devices may result in immediate ejection from the area and operators may be subject to arrest. 
  • Weapons or firearms are strictly prohibited.  
  • All trash must be disposed of in the provided receptacles, or hauled off-site. 

Prohibited Solicitation

  • The solicitation, peddling, hawking, selling or vending of any goods, magazines, services, merchandise, subscriptions, etc. is prohibited.  
  • The distribution of any coupons, tickets, pamphlets, fliers or certificates for any goods, magazines, services, merchandise, subscriptions, etc. is also prohibited.  
  • Advertising or commercial activities are not permitted.  
  • Picketing, political campaigning, or signature gathering is not permitted. 


Snapdragon Stadium recognizes that tailgating is an important aspect of the game day experience. The following tailgating rules and regulations have been established in order to create a safe and enjoyable tailgating experience. Please note that tailgating will only be permitted for select events at Snapdragon Stadium. 

Tailgating Location

  • No tailgating will be allowed in adjacent parking stalls. In order to accommodate as many vehicles as possible, patrons wishing to tailgate may do so in the area directly behind their vehicle, provided that their tailgating does not interrupt the flow of traffic or cause crowd management issues.  
  • Guests may not purchase multiple Parking Permits to expand their tailgating footprint. Parking Permit(s) cannot be purchased for the sole purpose of having a space for tenting, tables, grills, and other tailgating activities separate from parking. 
  • All fire lanes and drive aisles must always remain clear and unobstructed. 
  • Sidewalk and pedestrian walkways must be kept clear and unobstructed at all times. 
  • Only temporary pop-up tents are permitted.  Nothing can be attached or affixed to the grounds or premises (light poles, etc). 
  • Only natural gas or propane grills are allowed. Charcoal grills, wood stoves, oil fryers, open pit fires, and/or other cooking stations will NOT be allowed. 
  • No private events or large group spaces will be allowed.