With Special Guests H.E.R. + 070 Shake


With Special Guests H.E.R. + 070 Shake

Event Details

How can I get to the show?

Consider low carbon travel options to/from the show, like public transportation, biking, or walking.

The Trolley’s Green Line provides direct, frequent service to the doorstep of Snapdragon Stadium. Free parking (Park and Ride) is available at many Trolley stations, including Santee Town Center, El Cajon Transit Center, Amaya Drive, Grossmont Center, Old Town and others. More Trolley information

When do parking lots open?

Parking lots will open at 2:30pm on show day. 

How early can I begin lining up?

Overnight camping on Snapdragon Stadium property is strictly prohibited. Guests who begin lining up before 8am will be asked to leave and return at 8am.

Overnight parking is not permitted. Parking lots will not be accessible prior to 2:30pm on show day.

Can I keep my wristband?

Please return your wristband after the show. We collect, sanitize, and refurbish the wristbands so they can come around the world, saving on waste!

Can I bring in a refillable water bottle?

Empty refillable bottles are permitted and encouraged. No glass, metal or single-use plastic bottles allowed. Refillable water stations are available throughout the concourse.


Coldplay has pledged to make the Music of The Spheres World Tour as sustainable and low-carbon as possible. The show is powered by renewable energy and one tree will be planted for every ticket sold.